29 6 / 2012

My arms never felt so smooth 

18 6 / 2012

06 6 / 2012

Made some pizza today :D 

04 6 / 2012

Figured out was wrong with my cinnamon roll dough. 

I forgot to add the extra two cups of flour later. T.T 

Now I have awesome cinnamon roles. I’m very proud of myself lol , I’m a great cook but a lousy baker. But I’m learning and have been getting really good. 

04 6 / 2012

Okay so I followed the directions on how to make a dough for cinnamon rolls. I don’t have a mixer( I’m getting one SOON T.T ) so I was doing this manually. And it didn’t come out as doughy in the video. It was definitely dough-ish but much softer and stickier. It’s been ” rising ”  now and it doesn’t look like it’s made any progress in height of firmness. If someone has made dough manually before can they tell me how long they usually mix it until it has a much thicker consistency that they can knead? 

I’m baking for my boyfriend and my neighbor. 

21 5 / 2012

It would be dedicated to the food I cook

17 5 / 2012

I’m going to start keeping a journal of all my recipes. 

14 5 / 2012

I made dinner again tonight and I tried a new mac n cheese recipe. I used all the ingredients I normally do but I added a rue to it. It made such a difference it tasted so much better. 

05 5 / 2012

I thought this was going to be really hard but I did it~ Lol I’m so proud of myself 

30 4 / 2012

I absolutely love cooking, I find it relaxing sometimes because I can just be creative and let my mind wonder at the same time. Plus of course I’m making delicious food. I think I’m going to start writing everything down in a recipe book.